We do not really know at what time or at what moment
they precisely become dynamic.
A situation in which,
from my hands to yours,
from my mouth to your ears,
they are taking off, flying and landing.
We are clearly witnessing it and
experiencing it from all our senses
but the lack of knowledge
is what makes us stay alive.
From the plane, from the tongue or from the hill
— whatever the fixed object —
there is a free fall
(which we could also call autonomy).
The destination might be known,
although the duration of the journey is,
of course,
The darts, the banner or even the painting
are suddenly put into a state of abandonment.
This state is not really dangerous,
it's scary.
We fear it, and at the same time,
it's a source of delight,
since the Landscape is always a relief.
It might be why
we try to grip the sky and its colors,
to seize the mere intensity of the desert,
and to observe each step we go through
as if it were choreographed.
The others are as responsible as we are,
and we welcome them as much as possible.
The bench, the bleachers, and the chair
are there for them;
it is their sole purpose
(they are comfier that what they seem to be).
Tea will also help;
as usual.